Necessary documents for registration in the Commercial Register of a Bulgarian Limited Liability Company:

  1. Application for registration (we execute this entirely online to save you time and money).
  2. Articles of Association.
  3. Minutes of decision of the constituent meeting.
  4. Notary certified consent and a specimen of the signature of each of the appointed managers.
  5. Declaration that the app;ointed managers shall not undertake non-loyal competition.
  6. Bank certificate evidencing the registered capital.
  7. Certificate for good legal standing of a shareholder-legal person - apostilled and translated into Bulgarian.
  8. Decision of the managing body of a shareholder-legal person.
  9. Receipt for paid state taxes.

Upon setting up your Bulgarian company, we would undertake all due additional registration that might be required. This would include, among others: VAT and National Social Insurance registrations, National Statistical Institute declarations, and all other declarations and registrations that might become due.