Why register a company in Bulgaria?

Bulgaria has a lot to offer to optimize and grow your business. To name a few of the numerous benefits from having your business here, we have compiled the following list:

  • Bulgaria is part of the European Union, and thus offers your business free, easy and quick access to a market with a population of more than 500 million citizens. At the same time, Bulgaria's key geographic location ensures your business easy and quick roads to the Adriatic region, to Asia, to Turkey and beyond.
  • Bulgaria has the lowest taxes in the EU. The corporate income tax rate is just 10 %. The withholding tax on dividends is just 5 %.
  • The Bulgarian legal system is modern and up-to-date, with the latest developments in the legal sphere and incorporating all requirements under EU law. This alone insures your business from unwanted disruptions and in theire quick and easy solution, in the unlikely case they arise.
  • Bulgaria is party to almost 70 treaties for avoidance of double taxation and thus, adding up to the saving your business would get from incorporating here.
  • The bank system is one of the most stable in Europe and the Bulgarian lev is pegged to the Euro.
  • Bulgaria offers low costs for doing business, since it has the lowest operating costs in the EU. 
  • Bulgaria has the most competitive cost of labour in the EU. Apart from the most competitive salary levels in the EU, the country offers highly qualified, multilingual personnel.
  • Bulgaria offers many investment incentives and has a low inflation level. Almost all foreign investments are ensured under the numerous Bilateral Investment Treaties for protection of foreign investments to which Bulgaria is a party.