The process followed in working with our customers consists of the following steps:

  • Defining customer needs

  • Giving an offer to the customer

  • Setting terms for completing the project

  • Deploying the project

  • Testing and releasing

1. Defining the project/customer needs

Our target is to bring complete solutions satisfying customers needs on several levels.
Before we start working on a project we usually arrange a local or virtual meeting with the client in order to understand its needs and have overall picture of the project.

1.1 Issuing an offer

Based on that we can do technical description of the project and make an appropriate offer. The process takes between one or two weeks.

1.2 Graphic design and coding

If the customer agrees on the proposed offer we are starting to build the web site. First stage is graphic design done in Adobe Illustrator or Adobe In Design Software. Usually we offer one to two layouts with different typography to the customer.

1.3 HTML5 / CSS3 coding

The chosen by the customer design is being later coded in HTML5 / CSS3 in order to be integrated in a modern Content management system.

1.4 Content management integration and local deployment

CMS is being locally deployed on a computer, filled with information provided from the customer. Then tested for issues and functionality according to the technical description of the website.

1.5 On line installation

The build up website is later installed on a server, located in Information center with high speed fiber Internet.

1.6 Site “Beta” stage

Client sees the result of the work in draft (separate from root folder of the host). The structure is being expanded and information filled in the website on the appropriate pages. Website is being tested, maintained and developed thorough the terms scoped in the technical description.

1.7 Releasing and SEO

After being successfully tested website is released for public access. The application is verified with the search engines and tracking code for visitor's activity is being applied into the code. On that last stage SEO is being done as creation of site-maps and meta tags optimization.

1.8 Technical support

We can sign a contract with the customer for keeping the system up to date, do security and core updates.

1.9 Training the customers how to work with the Site management system:

Our clients are offered training how to use the CMS in order to maintain, update and edit their websites on their own. We provide manuals for how to work with the system in PDF.
Creation of manuals for maintaining websites are negotiated separately for each project

1.10 Other services that might be involved in the process – such as translation:

We work with professional translators so we are capable of assisting the client with translation of parts or complete Websites from it's native language to Bulgarian, English and all the European Union languages.

We provide also solutions expanding the scope of regular websites:

  • Multimedia capability (playback for video and audio files)

  • Processing video and audio files for the Internet

  • Setting advertising campaigns including Facebook and Google adwords

  • Implementing third party traffic measurement tools (Google analytics, Yandex Metrica etc.)

  • Setting up newsletter systems and templates for on line mailing campaigns