Web design

These are the services we offer. They are presented in a logical way, starting with basic services and ending with more advances ones.

Domain name registration

  • Registration of domain names in all Top Level Domains (TLD's)

  • Assisting with preserving of a .bg (special for Bulgaria) domain name

  • Advising on selecting appropriate domain name

  • Parking and forwarding domain names

  • Creation of sub-domains for specific situations
    (e.g., mobile versions of a website, SEO optimization, etc.)

VPS hosting

  • setting VPS in international Data centers
  • hosting multile web sites on a sinle VPS
  • broad range of Web related services

Graphic design

  • Graphic design of corporate logo and complete website layout

  • Design of mobile websites

  • Design of electronic business cards and newsletters

  • Complete corporate design (digital business stationary, cards etc.)

  • Design of static or animated banners

  • Corporate design, typography and colors for print

Website building

  • Creation of corporate websites in one or more languages

  • Information architecture of websites to meet special needs, such as user access restriction or registration, e-markets, on line services etc.

  • Improvement of already build websites visually and technically

  • Migration of static or based on custom system websites to modern and flexible Content Management Systems (CMS)

SEO optimization

  • SEO analysis and advising on how to improve website in that matter

  • On-page SEO optimization

  • Usage of techniques and modules that pull pages forward in search engines results

  • Off-page SEO via third parties (satellite pages, Facebook, blogs etc)

  • Usage of modern technologies and semantics to make pages more SEO friendly


  • Consultations on how websites can be realized

  • Usability (UX) and visual design improvement tips

  • Assisting on proper domain name registration and hosting services

  • Advising on how to prevent Internet security problems

  • Finding the proper team/people for a certain task

Digital multimedia

  • Processing images, video and audio files for Internet usage

  • Converting videos from native to HTML5 readable on line files

  • Embedded solutions for creation of multimedia ready websites

  • Creation of interactive company presentations